Patee House Elevator Project is Now Underway

Patee House Elevator Project is Now Underway

The much-anticipated elevator project at the Patee House Museum has official begun, with the last of the contractors hired and all the necessary contracts signed. The project began almost two years ago, but has taken that amount of time to do the necessary research and acquiring all bids on every aspect of construction from hiring a plumber to deciding which company we wanted to produce our customized elevator.

Ron Auxier, of Ellison-Auxier Architects, Inc., has spent the last year coordinating the contractors, as well as drawing up the blueprints. Lawhon Construction will be in charge of the overall construction, as well as overseeing the subcontractors. The elevator will be designed and installed by Schindler Elevators & Escalators based out of Kansas City, MO.

The Patee House currently has an operational elevator in the museum. However, it is a freight elevator built in 1906 and is not suitable to carry passengers to the second floor. As such, many of our guests cannot view the exhibits, meaning they miss out on about half of what we offer!

We recently set up a GoFundMe account for anyone who is interested in donating to our cause, or can be submitted directly to Patee House Museum. Funds for the project have come primarily from donations. If you have a love of history and want everyone to be able to enjoy it, this is a great cause to contribute too!

The project is scheduled to be completed by January of 2018.