Patee House Elevator is Finally Complete!

Patee House Elevator is Finally Complete!

Work began the beginning of September 2017 and continued on throughout the fall, winter, and much of spring, but as of May 2018, the Schindler brand elevator is finally complete!

For decades Patee House Museum has needed an elevator to make the second floor accessible to all, but the lack of funds was the biggest obstacle. However, the dream was made into a reality when discussions and plans with architects, contractors, and the elevator company began in late 2015. Once the plans began, many generous donations began to pour in from all over the country from those who wanted to support our project because of their love for the Patee House and the desire to keep its history available to all visitors. Now, two and a half years later, the project is complete, and now the building is totally accessible to people of all ages and of all physical abilities.

Ellison Auxier Architects, Inc. and Lawhon Construction company, both based out of St. Joseph, MO helped to draw up the plans and refinish and rebuild the inside of the elevator shaft to accommodate a Schindler brand elevator. Schindler is based out of Kansas City, MO. The process was long and arduous as the crew had to work inside our historic building without causing any damage while also working around guests who visited daily, including dozens of large tour groups.

But now the work is complete and guests are able to visit without any interruptions from the sounds of a construction sight. Be sure to plan a visit soon so you can take the elevator for a ride!

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